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Демонические шоу-ритуалы при открытии швейцарского тоннеля. ВИДЕО

В среду, 1 июня 2016 г., в Швейцарии состоялась официальная церемония открытия самого длинного в мире железнодорожного тоннеля. В торжествах приняли участие президент Швейцарии Йохан Никлаус Шнайдер-Амман, президент Франции Франсуа Олланд, канцлер Германии Ангела Меркель и премьер-министр Италии Маттео Ренци.

Строительство в Альпах туннеля Сен-Готард, идея прокладки которого была выдвинута еще в 1947 году, длилось 17 лет и обошлось в 12,3 миллиарда долларов. Длина тоннеля составляет 57,1 километра. Если же добавить к этому общую протяженность всех переходов, съездов и технических ответвлений, общая длина составит 152 километра. Прокладка велась также на рекордной глубине — местами она превышала 2,3 километра, так что рабочим приходилось трудиться в условиях 46-градусной жары. В круглосуточных работах были задействованы 2600 человек. Девять из них погибли в результате несчастных случаев.

Тоннель позволит значительно сократить путь из Швейцарии в Италию. Из Цюриха в Милан можно будет добраться всего за 1 час 40 минут, тогда как сейчас на такую поездку требуется более трех с половиной часов. Регулярное движение по тоннелю откроют к концу года, когда будут полностью испытаны все его системы.

Предыдущий рекорд по длине принадлежал железнодорожному тоннелю Сэйкан в Японии — 53,8 километра.


Комментарий Митрополита Хризостома из Этны (ИПЦ Греции):

"This video is simply shocking and astounding. Thank you for sending it to me.

As you know I am not given to the sometimes irrational preoccupation of some Christians, and especially various fundamentalistic Protestants (or Orthodox influenced by them), with the boogeyman of “End Times,” Antichrist, “666” and the like. Negative, fiery, and often exaggerated attention to visible manifestations of evil in the world is at times so frantic and sensationalistic that one forgets the positive message of the Gospels and its presence in the world. Thus, I did not like the ten-minute introduction to this video much at all.

I think that evil often subtly works behind the scenes and stealthily affects the integrity of human life and, of course, the witness of the Church. I know from your writings that you share this perception with me.

Nonetheless, evil exists and the eschatological revelations in Christianity undeniably tell us that as humans succumb to the world and turn away from the spiritual aspects of existence, they will ultimately distort Christianity and turn to unbounded paganism, embracing the evil, demonic, and pagan ways of the fallen world.

Indeed, in this video we see paganism walking, talking, and shaking hands with the world. Have people simply lost their minds? It is bad enough that everyone is tattooed and wearing every sort of body piercing; now, sadly, that primitivism has succumbed to utter paganism expressed in “dance” and “theatre."

I was astounded when the sorts of performances featured in this video began to emerge from the activities of the World Council of Churches, replete with pagan ceremonies and the like (notoriously so in the Canberra world convocation of the WCC, but in other such meetings, as well). I was disgusted at how hokey and embarrassingly silly it all looked, yet disturbed that so many “Christians” from around the world, including Orthodox and Roman Catholic observers, accepted this without difficulty.

In the case of this event in Switzerland, to see a public secular event marked by overt pagan imagery and ritual, however, overwhelmed me. Public figures walking in procession with pagan headdress from the European pre-Christian era, dancers cavorting in their underwear, and other purely pagan things—this is astounding! Again, the loud and brassy narrative accompanying the video is part of an apocalyptic drone that frankly has little appeal for me; it misses the point of a display like this. What is evil and demonic is that which distracts us from spiritual pursuits.

What should alarm us more than anything else, then, is that this public event, rather than feature a secular tribute to human progress or an invocation of God’s blessing on the work in question, consists of a public ceremony that focuses on base, suggestive, and primitive symbolism. To the extent that society moves in such a direction, it will become involved in secular primitivism, eschew the role of spiritual (Christian) values in the success of the dwindling Christian world, at least, and allow ontological evil to work insidiously, in a hidden way, to pervert human life. That is how Satan, the Antichrist, and evil work.

Forgive me for preaching, here, since you are a far better commentator on such matters (as we see in the English translation of your superb work, The Road to Apostasy), but I want to share my comments with our faithful, many of whom, I am sure, have, like me, not seen this abhorrent display of public paganism.

Greeting you for yesterday’s Feast: cъ Праздникомъ! I ask for your holy prayers and remain with profound fraternal affection in our Ascended Lord,

Least Among Your Brothers,

† Bishop Chrysostomos

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